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    ​Nabisco<br>​​Multipacks 12-15 ct.<br>Powerade 8 pk. 20 oz.<br>Gold Peak Tea 6 pk. 16.9 oz.<br>Dasani Water 24 pk. Half Liter<br>Vitaminwater 6 pk. 16.9 oz. <br>Smartwater 6 pk. 16.9 oz.

    ​​Multipacks 12-15 ct.
    Powerade 8 pk. 20 oz.
    Gold Peak Tea 6 pk. 16.9 oz.
    Dasani Water 24 pk. Half Liter
    Vitaminwater 6 pk. 16.9 oz. 
    Smartwater 6 pk. 16.9 oz.

    Barnum Animal ​  Crackers​ 2.125 oz. ​​​​​<br>Coca-Cola 2 Liter​<br>Vitaminwater​​​​ 20 oz.<br>Coca-Cola 355 ml​

    Barnum Animal ​ Crackers​ 2.125 oz. ​​​​​
    Coca-Cola 2 Liter​
    Vitaminwater​​​​ 20 oz.
    Coca-Cola 355 ml​

    ​​Bone In Pork<br>Country Style Ribs​​​

    ​​Bone In Pork
    Country Style Ribs​​​

    $1.79 lb.
    Nabisco Crackers​​ 4.5-9 oz.<br>Chips Ahoy! 9.5-13 oz.<br>Belvita 8.8-9 oz.<br>Illy Issimo 11.5oz<br>Gold Peak 64 oz.​<br>Zico 16.9 oz.<br>Core Power 11.5-14 oz.​​

    Nabisco Crackers​​ 4.5-9 oz.
    Chips Ahoy! 9.5-13 oz.
    Belvita 8.8-9 oz.
    Illy Issimo 11.5oz
    Gold Peak 64 oz.​
    Zico 16.9 oz.
    Core Power 11.5-14 oz.​​


    We are not your ordinary grocery store

    The Stokes Salem grocery store is first and foremost a small family owned business with our guests in mind. Focusing on providing exceptional customer service to each and every customer is a priority for us. Can't find what you need? Request it, and we will try our best to get it done. We are able to interact with you, our customer, both at the store and in the community on a personal basis.

    We offer a clean, bright, modern store, with the freshest meats, produce, and bakery items.

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